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What Is A Hidden Security Camera? And How Can I Use It?

November 1, 2009

What is a Hidden Security Camera? A hidden security camera is really a spy camera, equivalent to an audio bug. Hidden security cameras and spy camera equipment lets you know what is going on when you are not at home or work. So, if you need a spy camera, hidden security camera, or a long-range wireless spy camera system, a large selection of surveillance cameras, including nanny cams, audio surveillance, alarm systems and digital video recording equipment is available online or at your local security store. Since the abuse of children has been on the rise by their nannies and babysitters, evidence that you collect with a hidden security camera can be used to press charges in a court of law. It allows you to catch abusive behavior and insure that your children remain in a safe environment, even when you are away from home. You can create a secure, productive business with a high performance-easy to install-surveillance hidden security camera or with some surveillance systems. The location of the hidden security camera is as critical as the equipment you’re using. You have to make sure that you put the spy camera in a location where as it can capture the area effectively. In today’s modern society, spying and protecting your premises has become an art. There are so many different devices that have been developed to hide covert hidden security cameras that without a bug detector, it would seem nearly impossible to find them all. These cameras are ideal for monitoring babysitters, nannies, children, employees, office areas or any other need for covert surveillance. They are perfect for portable or mobile video surveillance or even for the hobbyist. Most of these hidden security cameras are wireless and can be hidden in almost any type of household item, and the prices vary from about $100 for a basic camera offering remote computer access, to more than $500 for digital systems, which can send video images live via computer or cell phone. A mini wireless spy camera can be very useful, especially if you can easily attach it to anything you would basically like to. While there are still plenty of innovative, modern wired cameras on the market, often in the shape of fire sprinklers, table lamps, and clock radios, wireless hidden security cameras have the advantage of being both more portable and harder to detect. Wireless spy cameras also eliminate the hassle of drilling holes and hiding cables, making them easier to install. If the location to be secured is your own house which you need to seal from any intrusion or any kind of nanny abuse you could buy one of the disguised battery operated hidden security cameras which are disguised into the shape of a teddy bear, wall clock, air purifiers, handbags, lamps, etc. Some important facts to consider before you purchase your hidden security camera, do your research about the type of spy camera you need, the location it will be placed and check your local and state laws that regulate the use and possession of these type of products.

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What Is A Wireless Hidden Camera?

November 1, 2009
  A wireless hidden camera is more flexible that a conventional one, it transmits a video signal to a receiver, rather than being hardwired to a dvr, vcr or other recording device. A wireless hidden camera is just that-it’s wireless. There isn’t any need to run wires through walls or under rugs.
Wireless hidden cameras use batteries as their power source and a transmitter to relay the images captured through radio frequency, IR(infra red) or microwaves. Depending on the amount of time required to capture visual images, the type of battery pack should be considered. Most batteries will only last about 4 hours, but some are designed to last as long as 12 hours, so a wireless hidden camera are best used in temporary situations, unless you hard wire to a power source. If you plug into a power source, be sure that it is hidden.
It has become a must to install wireless hidden cameras for business and home security. The business owner needs to be able to see what is going on in his business 24/7/365, and if you own a home, or have kids, or own a property that is not your primary residence like a vacation home and you can’t keep an eye on things cause you can’t be there, then a security camera will definitely help. I have installed a hidden camera system for an individual for her business, because she had product that kept coming up missing from her stock, not one of the employees were even aware of it, it was hidden in a smoke detector in the corner of the room, I have also hardwired a security system to monitor a home and in both instances it help secure the property and gave the owners piece of mind.
It is a wireless hidden camera that contains a high quality ccd camera and it fits in virtually anywhere you want to put it. Stick it up on the shelf with all of your books or put it in a stack of books on your desk or credenza.

Wireless hidden cameras are also used by law enforcement agencies; they monitor suspicious people with some sort of video surveillance and hidden camera devices. Some of the wireless hidden cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be a boom box, a power supply, a hidden camera built into a LCD TV, speakers, a VHS tape, a clock radio, landscape lights, flood lights, an out door stump, a table lamp, smoke detectors, clocks of all sorts, teddy bears, phones, even in a tissue box, what ever your need is, there is a camera for that.

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